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Summer Writing Schedule.

School is out and after a scorching-hot Memorial day weekend, I'd say summer is here. So that means, I've launched into my summer writing schedule. With the kids out of school, I've come up with a schedule that still allows me to plug at least two hours of writing/revising into my day. Until 10 a.m. Mom is off limits. The invisible sign is hung on my imaginary office door. Writer at Work. Enter at Risk.  Which means after I set out breakfast for the kiddos, they're to leave me be and let me write.  No one is to bug me unless someone is bleeding. The kids are allowed to watch television, play quietly in their rooms, read books and generally amuse themselves. After that, we read together for an hour and then the rest of the day is open. Play dates. Excursions. Swimming. Etc. Etc.

It's easy to fall prey to the no writing zone unless you set yourself some goals. My goal is to write every day for a minimum of two hours. I know I'm only into day two but so far the kids are respecting our agreement.  Have you set yourself some goals for the summer? What is your writing day like now that the kids are out of school? Mornings are when I'm most productive. Not that I won't write in the evenings, too. But mornings are when I'm most creative. I'd love to hear about your summer writing goals. What are you doing to stay motivated through the summer? 
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